Timmy Telescope Solar Astronomy Education

Solar Outreach Materials-Current Information Boards

Over the years we have developed these materials based on questions from the public. Feel free to download and print for your own use.

Current Information Boards 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

How we observe the sun directly
Board #1- How we observe the sun directly
  1. Caution Safe Solar Viewing pdf
  2. Lagrange Points pdf | more information
  3. Solar Filters – It’s All About the Wavelength! pdf | more information | How SDO Sees the Sun
  4. Solar Websites pdf
  5. Layers of the Sun pdf | more information
  6. Features to Look for in Hydrogen–alpha Light pdf
back to topInformation about our sun
Board #2- Information about our sun
  1. Core Fusion jpg
  2. Sun's Structure pdf | more information
  3. Solar Features pdf | more information
  4. Life Cycle of a Star jpg | more information
  5. Size Comparison of our Sun to other planets jpg
  6. Size Comparison of our Sun to other stars jpg
  7. Coronal Hole pdf | more information
  8. Predicted lifecycle of our Sun jpg | more information
back to topSolar Wind and Solar Clouds
Board #3- Solar Wind and Solar Clouds
  1. Solar Magnetic Field Lines pdf [Credit: K Schrijver & A.] | Understanding the Magnetic Sun | more information
  2. Solar Wind pdf credit: NASA/SDO | more information |
    Aurora: How The Northern Lights Are Created! by Kaspars Daleckis Photography
  3. Sunspots and Proms pdf | Reversing Prominence video
  4. Auroras pdf | more information
  5. Solar Proms and Filaments [bottom of image 3]
  6. Sunspots and Solar Proms pdf [Credit: David Evans]
  7. Solar Prom and Filament pdf [Credit: T.Ramakers/SDO]
  8. Source of the High-Speed Solar Wind

back to topSolar Cycles
Board #4- Solar Cycles
  1. Solar Cycle Variations pdf | more information
  2. Grain Market and Solar Cycles pdf [Credit: Bill Fordham]| more information
  3. Solar Minimum- Solar Maximum jpg | more information
  4. Global Temperatures and Sunpot Cycles [top] pdf | What Is the Sun's Role in Climate Change?
  5. Analema by A.Ayiomamitis [author permission granted]
  6. Hathaway Sunspot Number Prediction [updated monthly] | more information
back to topSolar Magnetic Cycles
Board #5- Solar Magnetic Cycles
  1. Solar Magnetic Pole Reversals jpg | The Sun's Magnetic Field Flips
  2. Improving Predictions of the Sun's Solar Cycle pdf | more information
  3. Solar Cycle #23 pdf | more information- Q10
  4. Butterfly Diagram [updated monthly-scroll down to Butterfly Diagram for current image] | more information
  5. 400 Years of Sunspot Observations pdf | more information
  6. Monthly Averaged Sunspot Numbers-Zurich [updated monthly] | more information | SILSO| World Data Center for the production, preservation and dissemination of the international sunspot number
back to topSolar Eruptions and Sunspots
Board #6- Solar Eruptions and Sunspots
  1. M Class Solar Flare pdf | more information
  2. CME- Coronal Mass Ejections pdf | more information
  3. Flare Classification pdf | What Does It Take to Be X-Class?
  4. Structure of an active sunspot pdf [top photo credit: C. Viladrich] [bottom photo credit: Max-Planck-Institut] | more information
  5. Magnetic Fields pdf | more information
  6. [top photo] Solar Tornados [credit: Wedemeyer-Böhm] more information about solar tornadoes | [ bottom photo] Sunspot Size Comparison to Earth pdf [credit: D. Evans]
  7. Hale's Sunspot Polarity Law

    SOHO's MDI shows view beneath sunspots

For Spanish Speakers: [courtesy of Marcy Malavasi & Abi Malavassi]