Timmy Telescope Solar Astronomy Education

Solar Information Boards

Over the years we have developed these materials based on questions from the public. Feel free to download and print for your own use.

Current Information Boards 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

How we observe the sun directly
Board #1- How we observe the sun directly
  1. Caution Safe Solar Viewing pdf
  2. Lagrange Points pdf | more information
  3. Solar Filters – It’s All About the Wavelength! pdf | more information | How SDO Sees the Sun
  4. Solar Websites pdf
  5. Layers of the Sun pdf | more information
  6. Features to Look for in Hydrogen–alpha Light pdf
back to topInformation about our sun
Board #2- Information about our sun
  1. Core Fusion jpg
  2. Sun's Structure pdf | more information
  3. Solar Features pdf | more information
  4. Life Cycle of a Star jpg | more information
  5. Size Comparison of our Sun to other planets jpg
  6. Size Comparison of our Sun to other stars jpg
  7. Coronal Hole pdf | more information
  8. Predicted lifecycle of our Sun jpg | more information
back to topSolar Wind and Solar Clouds
Board #3- Solar Wind and Solar Clouds
  1. Solar Magnetic Field Lines pdf [Credit: K Schrijver & A.] | Understanding the Magnetic Sun | more information
  2. Solar Wind pdf credit: NASA/SDO | more information |
    Aurora: How The Northern Lights Are Created! by Kaspars Daleckis Photography
  3. Sunspots and Proms pdf | Reversing Prominence video
  4. Auroras pdf | more information
  5. Solar Proms and Filaments [bottom of image 3]
  6. Sunspots and Solar Proms pdf [Credit: David Evans]
  7. Solar Prom and Filament pdf [Credit: T.Ramakers/SDO]
  8. Source of the High-Speed Solar Wind

back to topSolar Cycles
Board #4- Solar Cycles
  1. Solar Cycle Variations pdf | more information
  2. Grain Market and Solar Cycles pdf [Credit: Bill Fordham]| more information
  3. Solar Minimum- Solar Maximum jpg | more information
  4. Global Temperatures and Sunpot Cycles [top] pdf | What Is the Sun's Role in Climate Change?
  5. Analema by A.Ayiomamitis [author permission granted]
  6. Hathaway Sunspot Number Prediction [updated monthly] | more information
back to topSolar Magnetic Cycles
Board #5- Solar Magnetic Cycles
  1. Solar Magnetic Pole Reversals jpg | The Sun's Magnetic Field Flips
  2. Improving Predictions of the Sun's Solar Cycle pdf | more information
  3. Solar Cycle #23 pdf | more information- Q10
  4. Butterfly Diagram [updated monthly-scroll down to Butterfly Diagram for current image] | more information
  5. 400 Years of Sunspot Observations pdf | more information
  6. Monthly Averaged Sunspot Numbers-Zurich [updated monthly] | more information | SILSO| World Data Center for the production, preservation and dissemination of the international sunspot number
back to topSolar Eruptions and Sunspots
Board #6- Solar Eruptions and Sunspots
  1. M Class Solar Flare pdf | more information
  2. CME- Coronal Mass Ejections pdf | more information
  3. Flare Classification pdf | What Does It Take to Be X-Class?
  4. Structure of an active sunspot pdf [top photo credit: C. Viladrich] [bottom photo credit: Max-Planck-Institut] | more information
  5. Magnetic Fields pdf | more information
  6. [top photo] Solar Tornados [credit: Wedemeyer-Böhm] more information about solar tornadoes | [ bottom photo] Sunspot Size Comparison to Earth pdf [credit: D. Evans]
  7. Hale's Sunspot Polarity Law

    SOHO's MDI shows view beneath sunspots

For Spanish Speakers: [courtesy of Marcy Malavasi & Abi Malavassi]