Timmy Telescope Solar Astronomy Education

Albedo and Energy Transformation

  1. Metal cars painted different colors are placed in a slotted piece of molding facing the sun. Cars can also be laid flat. car template
  2. Solar Spectrum Basics pdf | Spanish pdf
  3. Solar Basics-Albedo pdf
  4. Importance of Color pdf | Spanish pdf
  5. Green House Effect pdf | Spanish pdf
  6. Painted brick and felt squares. Stitch two felt squares together leaving one side open to form a pocket. One can be used to store the brick and the other, the IR sensors. It best to remove the batteries after each use.

STEM Activity 4: Testing the temperatures of different colors

Purpose: Using an infrared [IR] sensor children investigate Sun as a heat source and develop an understanding that different materials store thermal energy with different levels of efficiency.

Supplies needed: Infrared sensor, different colored materials (see above).

Age level: elementary school age and up. Adults also enjoy this activity.

Notes: Directions are on the Solar Basics-Albedo and the Importance of Color cards. Older children can test their clothing. Make sure to tell them NOT to point the sensor at their face.

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Food Web/Energy Chain

STEM Activity #6: Where does the energy come from?

Purpose: Interactive card game to discover that the Sun is the ultimate source of energy for almost everything that we do in our daily lives.

Supplies needed per child: 1 set of double-sided energy cards. Download and print Energy cards [see additional resources] on cardstock and glue together. Cards can be laminated.

Age level: elementary school age and older

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