Timmy Telescope Solar Astronomy Education

Additional Resources

pictures of sunspots
  1. Features to look for in White Light pdf [photo credit: J. Stetson]
  2. Sunspot Detail jpg | more information
  3. Sunspot Size jpg | more information
  4. Sunspot Strengthening jpg | more information
back to top[left] Flaring up- how a solar storm can knock the lights out. [right] Power Grid failure in 1989
Effect of Geomagnetic storms on power grids
  1. Flaring Up | How a solar storm can knock the lights out pdf [Credit: The Wall Street Journal/NASA]
  2. Power Grid failure in 1989 pdf | The Day the Sun Brought Darkness
[left] What to look for on the sun Layers of the sun
The Sun's Activity
  1. What to look for on the sun pdf [photo credit: David Evans]
  2. Layers of the sun jpg
Parts of the sun for spanish speakers [courtesy of Marcy Malavasi & Abi Malavassi]:


magnetic sun card example   magnetic sun card example
Explore the Sun
  • A set of 15 Q & A cards from NASA to download and print.
    Tip: We added a loop to each card and thread them on the bottom rail of our display--ensuring that they do not blow away. Print a second "What might you see on the sun today?," put it in a plastic sleeve, and hang on your telescope.
  • Explore the Sun: Activity video
  • NASA- SUNSTRUCK Teacher Resources: an integated solar educational experience.