Timmy Telescope Solar Astronomy Outreach

About Us

Timmy Telescope Solar Astronomy Outreach brings informal science to the public at no cost. We currently provide multigenerational solar astronomy programs for:

Our educators can bring a Solar Astronomy Outreach to your community organization, classroom, school or homeschool association. We can also provide Solar Astronomy lessons to your students in Grade 4 and above. Our materials are designed to address STEM and NGSS goals.

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Who is Timmy Telescope?

Timmy Telescope is our little green mascot who goes everywhere with us. He helps remind children and adults to be careful and slow down when near the telescopes.

Timmy resides in Albuquerque, NM with Roger and Linda Kennedy. He prefers to observe the sun, but also likes to observe the moon and often provides lunar programs. Several times a year he takes his Solar Astronomy Outreach on the road and visits different parts of the United States.

Check our calendar to find out where Timmy will be next.
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